Visitor Log Statistics
You are visitor number 839,823 since Jan '99.

There are two types of visit counters. One type is based on the number of times a page is loaded, the other on actual visitors to the site. the counter that uses the page-visit method is vastly inaccurate as it will increment every time a user loads the page. If a visitor goes back to that page 10 times in a 30-minute session, the counter will increase 10 times when there was actually only one visit (or session).

The session-based counter is much more accurate. When a visitor first hits the site, a new session is established and the counter is incremented. For the duration of that user session the counter can not be increased by that user. the OCVSN visitor counter is configured to use sessions, with a session timeout of 30 minutes. This means that if no pages from the site are loaded for a full 30 minutes, the session will end. This helps us ensure that our counter reflects more accurately the number of unique visitors to the site each day.

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